Captured Eagles Vol. I - Decals


  • VE001D


  • No. of subjects: 4
  • Format: 210x148 mm
  • Language: English
  • Accepting preorders now! Book will be ready for shipping at the beginning of September 2011

    Vintage Eagle Publishing’s first decal sheet provide decals for four very attractive German WWII fighter planes. Stencils and smaller markings are supplied on a high quality dry transfer decal sheet (printed by Hobbydecal from Korea), while national markings, tactical codes and emblems are supplied on a high quality waterslide decal sheet (printed by Cartograf from Italy). Each stencil and decal was meticulously researched and prepared specifically for these four aircraft.

    The 12 page manual includes detailed description about how to use both wet and dry transfer decals, where to place the decals onto the model and how the camouflage scheme of each aircraft looked like.
    Price: €12.90