Captured Eagles Vol. I - Book


  • VE001B


  • No. of pages: 72
  • No. of b/w photos: 85
  • No. of color photos: 6
  • No. of color profiles: 8
  • Language: English
  • Format: 297x210 mm
  • Update December 2012: a digital edition is now also available from iTunes for iPads! See our News section for more information or visit the US itunes page . The book is available from 50 regional iTunes stores. Just enter "Captured Eagles" or "Gaemperle" into the iBooks store search feature to find it.

    Vintage Eagle Publishing’s first book. The book contains more than 90 (printed edition) previously unpublished photographs of captured German WWII aircraft including several color photos, 8 color profiles by renown aviation artist Simon Schatz and several photos of aircraft relics taken as souvenirs by Allied soldiers.

    There are various aircraft types such as Bf 109 G/K, Fw 190 A/D, Ju 88 A/G/T, Ju 188, Me 410, Me 262, He 162, Ju 290, He 111, He 219, etc. Highlights include a previously unknown Fw 190 D-13 and the first photographic proof that the Ju 88 G-7 actually entered production at the end of the war! Each photo was well researched and is described in detail. If new information comes to light, you will find it in our UPDATE section.
    Price: €19.90