02 Dec 2012: iTunes digital edition of "Captured Eagles Vol. I" available!
Apart from the printed edition, "Captured Eagles Vol. I" is now also available as a digital book for iPads. You can immediately download it at iTunes.

Dear readers,

"Captured Eagles Vol. I" is now also available as a digital edition for the iPad. It contains 13 additional photos (vs. the printed edition; e.g. photos of the previously unidentified Stuka Ju87D with glider towing equipment in the "Ground Attack Aircraft" chapter that now revealed its serial number, tactical codes and unit).

The advantages of the digital edition are:

... same value as the printed edition at a lower price

... no shipping costs

... readers can download and read it immedeately without waiting for delivery

... 13 additional photos (vs. the printed edition)

... interactive book: photos can be enlarged to full-screen size

... search-function: easily search the text with keywords to quickly find information

... you can download a test-chapter for free to see all features

It is available in all 50 itunes country stores (just search for "Captured Eagles" in the iBook section of itunes). Here's the link for the

US version:

UK version:

DE version:

If you like the digital edition, we would be glad for any reviews or ratings at iTunes as this helps to make it known also to other readers.

Vol. II will again first be available as a printed book and only later as a digital edition.

Happy reading,

Roger Gaemperle

02 Jan 2012: Happy New Year!
Vintage Eagle Publishing wishes a happy, healthy and successful 2012!

Dear readers,

We hope that you had great Christmas holidays and a good start into this year. We wish you a happy, healthy and successful 2012! Our resolution for 2012 is to have the next volume of Captured Eagles ready before the end of this year :-)

Best regards,
Roger Gaemperle

02 Nov 2011: New Book and Decal Review Published
AeroScale has published a review of both the book and decal sheets "Captured Eagles Vol. I"

Rowan Baylis of AeroScale has just published a review of both book and decal sheets "Captured Eagles Vol. I" (click here to get to the review ). Both book and decals achieved a KitMaker Network-Rating of 95%!

There are also some new preview pictures of the book and decal sheets. Don´t miss it.
20 Sep 2011: First reviews have been published
The first reviews about our book and decal sheets have been published!
01 Sep 2011: "Captured Eagles Vol. I" Book & Decals Ready for Shipping
We have received all books from the printing press and are now shipping!
We have decided to ship from Germany instead of from Switzerland, which means considerably lower shipping costs for you. As you probably know, the Swiss Franc´s value increased dramatically over the past months. This combined with an already expensive Swiss Postal Service resulted in very high shipping costs for our readers if we continued to ship from Switzerland. Therefore, we decided to ship from now on from Germany, even if that means for us that we have to transport our products to Germany first every week.

The first batch will be sent next Saturday. If you order before that, we can dispatch your book already on Saturday.
12 Aug 2011: Only 3 weeks left before ´Captured Eagles Vol. I´ is ready for shipping
Our first book is currently being printed and will be available for shipping in only 3 weeks from now!

*** Accepting pre-orders now! Shipping starts at the beginning of September...***

We have been working hard on the completion of our first book ´Captured Eagles Vol. 1´and decal sheets that feature the four most attractive German WWII birds that are shown in the book.

Finally, as I write this, the book is being printed and will soon be ready for shipping (within 3 weeks from now). It is a limited edition and each copy is numbered by hand. It comprises 72 pages in large DIN A4 format (210 x 297mm; 8.27 x 11.69 inches) and contains more than 90 photos (incl. several color photos), 8 color profiles created by the renown aviation artist Simon Schatz and 3 color emblems. As far as the author is aware, all but three photos have never been published before and show such rare birds like the Fw 190 D-13, Fw 190 A-8 with a Reichsverteidigungsband, Me 262s, He 162s, erla-produced Bf 109 G-10, a high-speed reconnaissance Me 410 A-3, a Bf 109 K-4 in US markings and many more. A highlight are certainly the first known photos of a Ju 88 G-7.

Further volumes are planned and if you have unpublished photos that you would not mind to share with us, please contact us. Of course you will get full credit in the book and also a free copy of the book in which your photo(s) appear.

15 May 2011: First model completed using Vintage Eagle's Decal Sheets
The first model that used Vintage Eagle Publishing's VE001D decal sheets is complete! The outstanding model was built by Roland Forrer aka Supermario.

In order that modelers can see pictures of a completed model that features Vintage Eagle Publishing's VE001D decal sheets, Roland Forrer aka Supermario kindly built the Fw 190 A-8 of Jagdgeschwader 2. This is one of four possible subjects that can be built with out VE001D decal sheet, which include both wet and dry transfer decals of the four most attractive birds shown in our book 'Captured Eagle Vol. I'

Some photos of Roland's completed model can be found in our album section.

For a complete construction report please have a look at Roland's 'Work in Progress' report at Large Scale Planes. He also posted some large resolution photos of his completed model in the 'Ready for Inspection' section of Large Scale Planes.

19 Feb 2011: We are online!!
Established in 2011 in Switzerland, Vintage Eagle Publishing offers high quality WW2 pictorial reports and decal sheets for scale models.

Our first publication ‘Captured Eagles Vol.I’ presents a fine selection of more than 80 previously unpublished photographs of German aircraft taken by Allied soldiers at the end of World War 2 when they swept across Europe towards Berlin. The book will also contain eight color profiles created by the renowned aviation artist Simon Schatz. A decal sheet for the four most attractive aircraft shown in the book will also be available in 1/32 and 1/48 scale. Both the book and decal sheet should be ready for shipping by the second quarter of 2011.

Have a look at our preview in our online store. If you like to be informed when the products are ready for shipping, subscribe to our newsletter.

Stay tuned!