eBook-Poll: What do you prefer?


eBook Poll

In a time where ebooks become more and more common, I wanted to ask you as a reader which format - a printed book or a digital book - you personally prefer. An ebook could be offered much cheaper (no printing cost, no shipping and handling costs) and could be immedeately downloaded and read after the purchase. In addition it can be carried anywhere where you carry your ebook reader. The disadvantage is of couse that you wouldn't have a printed book in your library anymore.

As a first step, I have an iPad app in mind with which you could read "Captured Eagles Vol. I". But since its development is expensive, I first wanted to hear your honest opinion. You can also use the comment function to tell me your opinion. Thank you! Roger Gaemperle

E-Book Comment

If you create E-Book's all you are doing is saving someone the effort of scanning every page of your book and making it available to everyone for free on a file sharing site. Surely that is not a good thing if we want to see more of your fine books in the future?


Second that! Although for a photo heavy publication like yours an e-publication would be very convenient (i.e. easier to work with, to analyse photos etc), it is likely that it would end somewhere on a download site very fast. Also (and although many many many enthusiasts would hate this) you should consider printing the best photos over two pages (à la Hideki Noro). I could imagine that this is also a very good measure against illegal scanning and distribution..

Printed books vs. ebooks

While I like the idea of ebooks for general fiction, and some nonfiction, I find that I prefer to have books that I will use as references in printed format. In addition, books that contain many photographs are better when printed.