Ju 87 A Stuka

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This nice shot shows Junkers Ju 87 A St.Kz. CN+AQ. According to stammkennzeichen.de it was attached to FLS in April 1941, I./SG 111 in Januar 1944, and FLS again in Mai 1945. Can anybody recognize the unit badge? The photo was taken in July 1945 at Flensburg. Thanks go the grandson of Colin Ball, Roger Ball, for allowing me to publish this photo here.



Hi Roger, that's the emblem of the FLS. According to my information this plane was found at Flensburg Cheers, Christian


Hi Christian, thanks for the information! Do you know what FLS stands for? Cheers, Roger

"Fluglehrschule der

"Fluglehrschule der Luftwaffe". Formed 1939 at Brandenburg-Briest and active throughout the war to train air school instructors. The emblem also shows the crest of the Brandenburg province. Regards, Christian


Thanks a lot for the additional information! Cheers, Roger

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