Fw 190 F-8 & A/C Radar

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This great shot of a Focke Wulf Fw 190 F-8 was taken by Gerald Trevor Roberts at Lübeck in June 1945. The caption on this photo said "Focke Wulf 190. The type that attacked us on New Year's Day. Lubeck '45". In the background, the transparent nose from which radar dipoles protrude can be seen. Does anybody have a clue which aircraft this was? Thanks go to his son John for allowing me to publish this photo here.


Fw 58

Thanks to TOCH-member ianatheling and S Sheflin, the aircraft in the background could be identified: it is a Fw 58 Weihe with radar equipment. ianatheling wrote at TOCH: "The Fw 58 nightfighters (not sure of the exact code given) flew with I./NJG 100 (probably just Stab.I/NJG 100). The unit was engaged in duties against Soviet night attack aircraft in a similar manner with the Fw 189 nightfighters which had also been with this unit. The Soviet aircraft were usually obsolete aircraft, so the Fw58 had a chance of dealing with them. I am not ruling out the possibility that this particular Fw58B conversion was used for training. However the photo was taken at Lübeck-Blankensee, which was the final base of I./NJG 100 after it had been pushed westwards along the Baltic coast…. So the aircraft almost certainly served with this unit."

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