Fw 190 A Wreck

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This photo shows the wreck of a Focke Wulf Fw 190 A and a Junkers Ju 88 G nightfighter. The Fw 190's wing canons were removed before the photo was taken. It either was a burnt out wreck or was already partially scrapped. Someone wrote his name (?) onto a propeller blade and what appears to be a date (4/14, i.e. 14 April). Note also the dismantled Ju 88 G nightfighter in the background. The additional armor plate in front of the canopy is well visible as well as the tail with a wavy camouflage pattern.


probably more Detmold than Florennes...

Must say that i m really not sure about Florennes airfield especially since i saw Bf109 pictured at Detmold destroyed exactly the same way and surrounded with exactly same wooden and net protection...

Florennes Airbase, Belgium

Very probably pictured at Florennes airbase, Belgium

More pictures

More photos can be found here (www.dolin.estranky.cz):

Link to photo no. 1

Link to photo no. 2

Airfields used by 401 FS: (from wikipedia):

  • Cardonville Airfield (A-3), France, 24 July 1944
  • La Vieille Airfield (A-19), France, 15 August 1944
  • Lonray Airfield (A-45), France, 6 September 1944
  • Roye-Amy Airfield (A-73), France, 11 September 1944
  • Florennes/Juzaine Airfield (A-78), Belgium 26 September 1944
  • Ophoven Airfield (Y-32), Belgium 27 January 1945
  • G├╝tersloh Airfield (Y-99), Germany 20 April 1945
  • AAF Station Mannheim/Sandhofen, Germany. 27 June 1945
  • AAF Station Fritzlar, Germany, 6 August-September 1945


Hi Olivier,

thanks a lot! It is amazing that you made the link between the photos of the 401 FS and my photo. For better comparison, I have edited your comment and embedded the photos of www.dolin.estransky.cz directly to your comment.

At least the Fw 190 in your 2nd photo in the background seems to be exactly the one as shown in the photo above. The Ju 88 G may be a different one, but was certainly taken at the same location.

Cheers, Roger

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