Arado Ar 234 F1+AA

Owner: Grandson of Colin Ball Submitted by R. Gaemperle on 8 January 2012 - 2:09pm Rating:

This photo of Arado Ar 234 F1+AA (Wk.Nr. 140600, St.Kz. GM+BM) of Kampfgeschwader 76 was taken by Colin Ball. According to a flight log entry, F1+AA was flown on April 15 1945 by Fw. Woerdemann of 6./KG76. He made a "Werkstattflug" (testflight), taking off from Luebeck-Blankensee, where he also made a "Eintriebwerklandung" (landing with only one running engine).

As far as known, this Ar 234 which was probably captured at Flensburg. W.Nr. 140600 was most likely one of the nine Ar 234 which left Leck on 5 May 1945 with Uffz. Eckerlein at the controls heading for Stavanger/Norway. However, the flight was aborted and the pilot landed at Flensburg. Does anybody know more about its history and where it ended up?

Note the white number '13' at the top of the fin and a light-coloured (presumably green) 'A' on the fuselage side.

Many thanks go out to Roger B., the grandson of Colin Ball, for allowing me to show this photo here.